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Cover your end-of-life expenses so your family doesn’t have to.

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Looking for affordable burial insurance? We have options to fit your needs and budget. Decide which coverage is right for you before getting a final expense insurance quote. It is possible to find coverage that is designed for low premiums, while still providing a death benefit that may be sufficient to cover the final expenses your family faces upon your passing. In addition to medical bills, a death benefit can cover other stressful obligations, such as estate settlement costs.

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Insurance for final expenses

When you want to make sure you leave enough money to pay for final expenses, life insurance products with a death benefit may be the best choice for you. Each life insurance policy offers this feature in a range of amounts, based on its value.

What is a death benefit?

In the event of your death, a death benefit pays your loved ones money – typically tax-free – that they can use to cover your final expenses. Often referred to as ‘burial insurance’ or ‘funeral insurance,’ this benefit typically becomes part of entire life insurance coverage rather than a separate policy.

How burial insurance works

The cost of your funeral and/or cremation is covered by burial insurance after you pass away. Moreover, it can also be used by the beneficiary to repay debts such as medical bills, home loans, or credit card bills. In the same way as burial insurance, preneed funeral insurance covers all funeral expenses but is usually paid directly to the funeral home, not to family members.

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